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Say goodbye to old press-ons. ohora is the newcomer.

BY  Carla Kimㆍ AUGUST 14, 2020   

A wise girl once told us, that we take care of our hands for no other but ourselves. Nail salon really is a treat for our hands, and nothing makes us feel more refreshed than newly painted nail tips!

However, it’s time consuming to visit salons, not to mention the hard journey of meeting a nail artist who clicks with you! Why not try press-ons? They can be really uncomfortable for some of us, and only last for a couple of days! Do it yourself? Well let’s not get there…

For those of us who are in dire need of easy-yet-pretty, long-lasting nail designs, VANITY TABLE curated a next-generation semicured gel nail strip, ohora, to bring a nail salon to your home! 

" 345,384 Reviews,  
The nail strips are sold every 30 seconds"

ohora, a semicured gel nail strip like none other

So what is so special about this nail strip? It’s in its incomparable quality. Yes, we said it. It’s incomparable because ohora is a whole new type of gel nail. It’s made of real liquid gel from base to top but is only cured by 60%. Basically, it’s a ready-made salon nail formula served in a jelly-like, flexible tips that will stretch and fit your nail perfectly!

Whether your nails are wide, long, or even too fragile to apply a regular gel-nail formula, we’ve got you covered. Just pick a size, apply the semicured gel to your nail, and cure it! Upon curing the remaining 40% with a UV lamp, the gel will harden like your regular gel nail. And just like that, your treat is done! 

For everyone for real

ohora believes that everyone should be able to get the finest nails without constraints of time and space, so we listen to our customers very carefully. We sorted out the most frequent reviews on ohora, and they say...

#It’s pretty!

Satisfaction was the No.1  review type on ohora, but wait for it, ohora users were satisfied for reasons other than just the design as well!

“Even prettier, yet thicker than nail  stickers”
“It’s natural(ly fitting) and pretty!”
“This really is a high quality gel nail” 


Very important quality indeed. It’s the second most frequently mentioned perks of ohora gel nail strips.

“It was my first time and was so easy”
“...was a great fit to my short nails!” 


Yup, last but never the least, ohora users gave us a high score for its abundant contents! A total of 30 nails strips, a nail file, a woodstick and a prep pad comes along with each boxes, which is more than enough for 2 rounds of nails! With ongoing free gel lamp promotions so our subscribers don’t have to spend extra on gel lamps!

“A free gel lamp for a subscriber”
“A box is enough for two-time use”

We had a mission to bring you the smallest nail salon in the world to your home.
Enjoy our easy, salon-quality gel nails, we hope it makes your day! 

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