Cuticle Care -
DOs and DON’Ts

APR. 13TH 2021

Cuticle Care - DOs & DON’Ts

APR. 13TH 2021

How to keep your nail edges smooth and even

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Words by Carla Kim

They say everything happens for a reason, but when it comes to your body, well, there are parts that you'd rather do without:
Your cuticle and nail folds, the extra dead skin layers around the edges of your nail are definitely one of them. They’re usually trimmed at the salon to give you that nice, clean shape. However, if you've ever wondered if you should keep on trimming or just how to keep your nail edges clear of cuticles, then we’ve got an essential DOs and DON’Ts checklist to guide you through.

What is cuticle, or nail folds, anyway?

Take a close look at the edges of your nail. If you see a semi-translucent layer of dead skin either on top of your nails or around the areas where your nail is adjacent to your flesh, most likely you’ve found it. If you haven’t spotted it yet, then take a look at the picture below:

Cuticles actually exist not only on your nails, but also on the roots of your hair as well. Why do they exist? Its primary purpose is to protect both your nail and skin from infection. You can live without them, yes, but the chances of infection rise if you cut them down as it makes it easier for germs or bacteria to get inside your nails once the protection layer is gone.

Is it safe to cut them off?

In conclusion, it’s debated: However, what we do know is that cuticle care is widely a part of the 'full salon care routine' -
Which is understandable as painting manicure on top of cuticles or nail folds shortens the manicure's durability and removing cuticles makes your nail beds look wider and longer for enhanced aesthetics as well.

So how do I take ‘care’ of it?

The general practice is that you push & trim  with the tools of your choice. You can either use a wood stick or a metal pusher to gently scrub off the dead skin from the nail plate and then trim with nail clippers. You can use cuticle removers or nail serum to protect your nails and moisturize after cuticle removal. Seems simple, but here are some DOs and Don’ts for the full routine.

Simple Steps to Remove Your Cuticles

  • Apply cuticle remover on your nail plate
  • Use a cuticle pusher & scrub off your cuticles
    starting from the edges and moving inward
  • Trim the remaining dead skin using a nail clipper
  • Moisturize with nail serum or oil


  • Invest in a cuticle remover.
    If preparing separate tools is a hassle, we recommend using an all-in-one product like the
    Pro Loose Skin Remover, a push-type tube that simultaneously removes & cares for the nails
  • Keep a firm grip. You don’t want your tools to fly off and remove unintended layers from your fingertips
  • Keep your tools clean. Your nails are vulnerable to infection after removing a protective layer of skin
  • Moisturize. It always helps


  • Do not tug or tear off dead skin. Again, be gentle in case of infection or damage
  • Do not start removal without prepping - after a shower is best, when your dead skin cells are loosened from the moisture

What should I do to keep them clean?

Applying a bunch of nail products certainly will do you some good, but what’s most important is preventing damage in the first place. Using nail strengtheners on a regular basis will help keep your nail plate clean as it adds a protective polymer layer on top of your nails, preventing moisture loss. Products with vitamin complex and diamond powder such as the Pro Nail Strengthener not only will add a beautiful shine to your natural nails, but will also help to nourish and strengthen them!


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