Never Say Never, 
A Life Lesson From A Timeless Beauty 

Never Say Never,
A Life Lesson From A Timeless Beauty

Never Say Never,
A Life Lesson From
A Timeless Beauty

A grandma’s secret to seize the day with ohora 

A grandma’s secret
to seize the day with ohora 

BY  Carla Kimㆍ OCTOBER 29, 2020   

Carpe Diem. A timeless wisdom to live your life to the fullest. Here we’ve met a very special customer today. Meet Norma, who is now 84 and still seizing her every day embracing new opportunities. Let’s hear out what she had to say about her encounter with ohora.  

Do you paint your nails often? 

Now I do, but I didn’t before. Although I like bold jewelries and colorful clothings I haven’t done much decoration to my hands other than my wedding ring, come to think of it. I was born in 1934 and enjoyed all the perks I could during the time, but well, I am a postwar generation after all. I’ll say my early days were not so materialistically abundant, so to say. 

How did you come to know ohora? 

My granddaughter first bought it for my daughter, and then my daughter gave me boxes of ohora as a gift. I put on my first ohora when I went to my daughter’s house. I didn’t really buy it when she said ohora’s really easy to do, but well, I was wrong. It was really easy and pretty. Now we 3 women in the house order ohora bundles every month. I just pick the design I want, and my daughter places orders for me. I sometimes do ohora myself, but oftentimes apply with my daughter. 

What did you like most about ohora? 

It’s really easy to begin with, and it’s not uncomfortable. It’s quite difficult for someone my age to use usual nail polishes because our hands are not as steady as they used to be, and I believe most of us have presbyopia. Well we’ll not notice if the nail isn’t neat without our reading glasses, but still, it feels better to paint pretty than ugly. ohora on the other hand, is much easier because I just have to peel it off and apply it. And it’s not so difficult to remove as the usual polishes. I’d rather not keep on mentioning my age, but it's a difficult task to just sit still for a long time waiting for soak off to be done. 

Also, I like ohora’s got a lot of designs that’ll go well with people of all ages. There are many designs that’ll be great for both me and my daughter, and they aren't flimsy plastic stickers, so I find the result quite satisfactory. It’s easier to try new designs because I’m already aware that ohora will bring salon quality nail results to me.

What changed since you used ohora? 

I like that my hands look pretty. I feel good anytime I look at them, and I feel much younger for sure. Now I can’t go because of the whole COVID-19 situation, but I used to visit community centers on a regular basis to learn dances and paintings. Now I added ohora as an indoor hobby on my list. I'm not bored at all. 

Any comment you’d like to share with VANITY TABLE readers? 

Applying ohora, I realized again that time flies faster than you think and you should really seize the day. The older you get, the less you experience new things to remember your time going by. I tell this myself all the time, but it’s never late to try anything you want- Stop telling yourself that you’re too old for anything, or if it’s just not your thing. Today you are your youngest, and the best time to try something new – like ohora! It’ll look great on you as it does on me!  

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