Quarantine Survival Guide_Part 1.
What to do at home 

Quarantine Survival Guide_
Part 1. What to do at home

Quarantine Survival Guide_Part 1.
What to do at home

What we’ve been up to so far. 

BY  Carla Kimㆍ OCTOBER 29, 2020   

There are over 7.8 billion people on this earth, and we've all been dealing with quarantine in just as many different ways. Thanks to many pioneers in social media, we’ve been receiving tips on what to do, but for those of us whose list of ‘Top 100 things to do during quarantine’ is growing thin, we’ve got some ideas for you. Hereby we present what VANITY TABLE editors have been up to so far- and their recommendations! 

Movie Marathon 

The most popular gig among editors so far is movie marathon. We are in need of a peaceful mind more than ever, and we can think of only a few ideas better than getting a piece of heart than going through our favorite movies. Movie marathons are particularly great for series movies. We don’t have to wait till May 4 to revisit Star Wars! Try a differently themed movie marathon – genre, director, actor, and much more. Finishing off marathons for favorite novel series also is a great way to keep ourselves pleasantly occupied.  

Try a New Recipe 

As we spend more time, we spend less attention on clothes among the 3 essential elements of living, and more on food and housing. Some of us decided to spend more time in the kitchen instead of eating out of having food delivered, and so did one of our editors. V used to eat a box of pizza for two days in a row, but since she started home baking now she bakes her own macarons! 

Camp In The Backyard 

If you’d like to get some fresh air, or getaway from the usual environment, then we’d like to recommend this. Yes, it is still part of your house, but you’ll find it surprisingly refreshing. Get a tent in the backyard, bring coffee and book, and lie back, gaze up towards the open sky. If you have, use a movie projector to host a little movie night with friends and family! 

Guided Meditation 

We know it's never not as easy as it sounds to find something to do indoors, especially if you are an outgoing type of person. For those of us who used to reach outward, one of our editors would love to recommend trying reaching inward- with meditation. There are many apps or youtube channels providing meditations or challenges for self-reflections. Take your pick and take some time to hear out what your inner self tells you, you’ll meet the new you who you never knew! 

Self Nail- Do ohora! 

Last but not least, we’d recommend a little treat for yourself! IWe do have less occasion to put our bling outside, but mani-pedis from time to time greatly freshens our mood for sure! Pick your favorite designs from VANITY TABLE. Bring the smallest gel nail salon to your home! A box of ohora has everything you need to complete a self gel nail – an alcohol prep pad, a wood stick, and a mini buffer -, and we offer a free gel lamp for our subscribers. It’s easy to apply, and easy to remove by yourself as well. Check out our weekly new design updates, we’ll make sure we keep you occupied! 

It’s a difficult time for all of us, but nevertheless we believe you’ll get through! Let’s do some things we didn’t do before, and discover things we didn’t know before. VANITY TABLE will be there with you along the way! 

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