Quarantine Survival Guide_Part 2. Staycation

Quarantine Survival Guide_
Part 2. Staycation

Survival Guide_
Part 2. Staycation

How to bring your holiday indoor

BY  Carla Kimㆍ OCTOBER 29, 2020   

Previously on VANITY TABLE Quarantine Survival Guide we introduced you to things to try at home. Now it’s Part 2- Staycation! Many writers are known to work in places away from home, and indeed a short trip away from our usual places gives us new inspiration to move forward. Then here we go, For those of us who renewed all our 2020 holiday plans into indoor ones, VANITY TABLE editors would like to share ideas on how to fully utilize a staycation. 

1.Breakfast In Bed  

You are what you eat – but at the same time, you are also ‘how’ you eat! If there were breakfast at Tiffany’s at 5th Avenue we can have breakfasts in bed. Either have it room serviced, or just place your usual pancake a little bit different and serve it on a wooden tray. You can start your day with a little bit of treat for yourself. 

2.Bring Your Holiday Look Indoor 

As quarantine goes on, we believe many of us(editors included) can’t even recall the last time we had our formal clothes on, much less party/ resort attire. If you spend so much time indoors that you start to forget which day it is, then we’d recommend you unpack your resort wears, the biggest hat you have, and bikinis. Put them all on and pour yourself a drink, and just imagine you’re at a tropical beach side. Just lying back on balcony chairs will do the trick! With a little change of attire you’re halfway ready to bring yourself to your dream location. A VANITY TABLE editor, C, brought her party dresses and disco ball for a girls’ night in, and reportedly, that was a night to remember!  

3. Take a Small Retreat  

If your accommodation provides outdoor spaces, then it’s an idea to take a smaller retreat size of your yoga mat. Place your mat on the grass and relax under the sun. If you have companies, then host a small yoga in the park session by following instructed online yoga sessions on social media. 

4. Spa Day  

Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman? Her lighthearted smile in a giant bubble was so iconic. You don’t have to book a face-to-face spa appointment to enjoy a full day spa. All you need to prepare is a bath bomb to give you the magical bubbles and scented candle to take your mind off to your happy place. Not only dipping into warm waters greatly relieves your physical stress, a full treatment with your favorite scent and essential oils will also surely cheer up your spirit. 

5. Obviously, ohora!  

The prettiest time-killing treat ever, VANITY TABLE editors greatly recommend bringing ohora to your staycation. Whether you go alone, with friends or as a couple, ohora is a beauty treat that’ll freshen up your mood. Share a box ohora with your friend or bring the whole collection and take your pick! Instead of going to a salon, do manis, pedis with your friends at your staycation. Catch up, spill your heart, and most importantly, enjoy!

Our everyday routine is what puts our life together, and it is precious the way it is. However, if you’d like a change of scenery, bring your favorite things to a place of your choice and have yourself a merry little staycation. We’re all in this together, and VANITY TABLE will be back with more ideas for you.  

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