16 Personality Types – and Your Nail Habits 

Nail Care Tips for
Your Manicure Marathon 

Nail Care Tips for Your Manicure Marathon 

Your habits you didn’t know, or knew already,
and what to do with it based on your MBTI types  

How to make your nail unstoppable
for all the nail designs you want 

How to make your nail unstoppable for all the nail designs you want 

BY  Carla Kimㆍ NOVEMBER 13, 2020   

Did you know humans, along with Asian elephants and orca whales, belong to one of the 9 animals in the world who can recognize themselves in the mirror? As a self-recognizing creature, we humans never cease to question who we are, where we came from and where we’re going. In the old days we had zodiac signs and tarot cards, and now in the age of science psychologists are deep diving to map the bottom of the icebergs to figure out more about ourselves. So for today, let’s take a look at MBTI, a.k.a 16 personalities, to learn more about who we are, and how it rings a bell for us nail lovers!  

What is MBTI ? 

Also known as 16 personality types, the Myers-Briggs Type indicator(MBTI) is a self-report set of questionnaires indicating varying psychological preference in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The test assigns 4 categories based on how you expand energy(Introverted OR Extraverted), how you receive information (Sensing OR Intuition), how you make decisions (Thinking OR Feeling), and how you see the world(Judging OR Perceiving). 

Got a hang of it? If you’re unsure of your personality type, there are free questionnaires available online, or better, you can finish reading, guessing your type and then later see if you got it right. So let’s get started! 

ENFJ Protagonist 

#Full of passion yet overly idealistic 

Nail Habit: Full of passion yet overly idealistic, an ENFJ is referred to as a 'protagonist'. If you are an ENFJ, your generosity towards variables in life is both your strength and your weakness. An ENFJ has no problem starting off a project without being 100% prepared, but when hit a snag one might be overly idealistic to steer in the wrong direction without much consideration of the consequences. You can enthusiastically start baking with just a youtube instructor, but also may pay less attention if the sugar is white or brown as long as it's a sweetner. If you've ever forgot to put on a base gel but stroke it between the coloring gel anyway, or painted over the chipped nail hoping it will somehow magically revive the seamless look, then chances are you are a true ENFJ. 

VANITY TABLE says: We admire your optimism, but sometimes a little guidebook can go a long way. Let you creative energy thrive with ohora's premium designs- we've got styling tips updating on this very blog, so please stay tuned for new inspirations. One last thing, be mindful to read the enclosed instruction before you begin, for their could be some speed bumps for you to beware in the process! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Brown Sugar
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Brown Sugar

ENFP Campaigner 

#Free Spirit 

Nail Habit: An ENFP can be summarized as a free spirit. You are by far the most volatile swing vote to your mood. If you're an ENFP, oftentimes you feel like painting your nail on your way home, drag out every product you have, and one thing leads to another and then find yourself in the middle of a chaos. You definitely started somewhere, but new ideas just kept on coming that you had to try this end up with some unintentional result. But who cares, right? ENFPs are called free spirit for a reason, and as long as you like it, your work there is done!  

VANITY TABLE says: Stepping out of your comfort zone is what excites you. How about you keep yourself prepared for the possible inspirational whim moments that can hit you anytime? Not only is ohora an easy-to-do perfect DIY nail, new designs update weekly in VANITY TABLE for you to swing any direction you'd like.  

Recommended Item For You >>> N Daystar
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Daystar

ENTJ Commander 

#Natural Born Leaders 

Nail Habit: An ENTJ lives at the moment of accomplishment. When it comes to a manicure routine, nothing will make an ENTJ happier than the look of a freshly painted, glossy manicure on your nails. However, ENTJs are not so good at dealing with inefficiencies, and may even flip out when an unplanned sabotage gets in ENTJ’s way. If a thread of hair scrapes the half cured surface of a gel nail, oh god. You'll never hear the end of it.  

VANITY TABLE says: First we'd recommend you to clear out anything within a few feet of the pole, including your pets. Tie your hair firmly before applying manicure, and please make sure you have all things you need for your manicure routine. Especially before starting ohora, please be sure you've got your nail clipper ready, or otherwise you'll encounter your inner wrath you didn't know. Above all, keep calm and do ohora! Lucky for us, you can easily fix or redo ohora unlike regular gel polishes! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Mirage
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Mirage

ENTP Debater 

#Quick Thinkers 

Nail Habit: A genuinely quick thinker, ENTPs are powerful, confident people unbound to traditions. Referred to as debaters, ENTPs are great at improvising despite any hardships. Name whichever nail styling, you'll never get bored of ENTPs coming up with perfect nails out of thin air like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a silk hat in no time. However, fast thinking may also count as an ENTP's weakness and unexpected variables may come out to play. Still not sure if you're one? Well now, if you tend to leave way too many bolts and nuts after finishing up your IKEA DIY Furniture, then you are an ENTP.  

VANITY TABLE says: ENTPs' fast reflex comes from their already accumulated background knowledge and their ability to pull together disparate information. In other words, there needs to be a pre-existing set of details ready for them to utilize their power fully. If you're an ENTP ohora user, then how about learn more about how to use on ohora semicured gel strip on all about ohora ? VANITY TABLE editors have answered the most frequently asked questions on our whole new semicured gel nail strip! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Jurassic
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Jurassic

ESFJ Consul 

#the Host  

Nail Habit: A natural leader willing to offer guidance to others, ESFJs are popular leaders in many social communities. In school, ESFJs are school club presidents, girls scouts, or cheerleaders. One of the best manicure moments for ESFJs is when they gather together with friends to prepare for a girls night out, or go to salon together for a quality girl time.  

VANITY TABLE says: ESFJs gain energy from interacting with other people, so how about hosting a little home party with your friends? Along with your favorite netflix show, and delicious finger foods we'd recommend friendly mani pedi time with ohora. Enjoy a super easy-to-do, yet flawless quality ohora strip with your friends, you're already a trend setter!  

Recommended Item For You >>> N Lady
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Lady

ESFP Entertainer 

#All Eyes on Me #Born to be a Star 

Nail Habit: If you're an ESFP, then you share a personality type with Elton John and Marilyn Monroe. Referred to as an entertainer, ESFPs are born to enjoy spotlights, and the world is a stage for them. ESFPs take pleasure in discovering the unknown in life, and possess strong aesthetic sense. We can expect no shortage of bling when it comes to an ESFP's choice of nail styling. However, ESFPs also have a tendency to avoid conflict or difficult situations altogether, which is why it is very important for them to have a trustworthy channel of nail styling.  

VANITY TABLE says: If you're an ESFP who can explore news styles without a sweat but still yearn for a fail-proof choice of nail styling, we proudly present ohora nails. Channel your inner( or outer, depending on circumstances) diva with ohora semicured gel! For you ESFPs , we've got just the high-quality gems for you - as Marilyn put it, diamond is a girl's best friend.  

Recommended Item For You >>> N Dressy 
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Dressy 

ESTJ Executive 

#You Know What You’re Doing 

Nail Habit: Rock solid, strong willed leaders, many politicians or business leaders are known as ESTJs. Oftentimes ESTJs have conviction in their beliefs, and know what they're doing. In terms of manicure routines, an ESTJ may have his or her own l'esprit color already. If your nail collection is full of all shades of black polishes, then it's sold, you're an ESTJ.  

VANITY TABLE says: Nothing is more heartbreaking to an ESTJ than the news of your favorite beauty item being discontinued, or worse, renewed into something you don't agree with. Or, when a tip of your salon done nails starts to fall off. For ESTJ's looking for quality soild gel nails with a convenient fix, we'd like to recommend hoarding ohora solid gel strips! A box is enough for 2 wears, and there's always an extra strip for a quick fix in case of need. 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Goblin
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Goblin

ESTP Entrepreneur 

#The First Penguins 

Nail Habit: Being the center of attention, a first penguin, and love uncovering life's opportunities is ESTP's trademark. An ESTP is usually found in a yearbook under the title 'Most likely to be successful'. If you're curious about a new beauty product, your ESTP friend most likely has already tested it and may give you a briefing more detailed than a beauty blogger. 

VANITY TABLE says:For early adopters like ESTPs, we believe ohora nail with it's revolutionary traits - a gel nail yet in a form of strips, and a gel nail that does not require a soak off process - will mesmerize you. If you're an ESTP who hasn't used an ohora nail yet? Come aboard and subscribe to our free email newsletter. We'll invite you to our weekly release of new collections and much more! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N My Kitty
Recommended Item For You >>>
N My Kitty

INFJ Advocate 


Nail Habit: INFJs think deeply, and pursue ideals. Many INFJs are particularly interested in issues such as inequality and unfairness, and do not hesitate to raise their voice to achieve ideals. Even a perfectionist in terms of hobbies, INJFs find themselves frustrated when the result is unsatisfactory. If you've ever removed nail polish after spending 2 hours doing it yourself because you don't like how it looks, or have soaked off your nail in the salon next to the one you just came out of because you didn't like the result and wanted to get rid of them, then with a quite reasonable chance you could be an INFJ. 

VANITY TABLE says: For all INFJs end up stressing out after a well-intended DIY nails, ohora comes to the rescue! Don't ruin your precious evening with an unsatisfactory, time consuming self nail. Daresay fail-proof, ohora semicured gel consists of a simple 3 step process of stick, trim and cure to ensure you're thick and glossy real gel nail from base to top gels. No more stress over your clumsy hands and enjoy a refreshing self nail with ohora.  

Recommended Item For You >>> N Audrey
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Audrey

INFP Mediator 

#Hopelessly Romantic 

Nail Habit: One of the most well-known fictional INFP characters is Anne of Green Gables. Hopeless Romantic is just the word for an INFP, and indeed INFPs have innate talent to rejoice moments in life. However, from time to time INFPs have to focus and get their head in the game because they can be easily distracted from their task while appreciating the beautiful surroundings. A born dreamer, it takes INFPs hours to finish DIY nails for they're caught up somewhere in between taking action and perfecting their ideas. Nevertheless, a DIY nail is a great stress-relief for an INFP, for one look at a pretty nail amongst the day can make them instantly happy.  

VANITY TABLE says: INFPs feel happiness not only just with the achievement but through appreciating the whole process. Selecting nail design online, expecting delivery and applying itself is a journey to them. However, we'd like to recommend an easy-to-use gel nail strip to keep you INFPs from straying too far off to your daydream. For you INFPs who are reading this right now, click the link HERE to check out ohora's selected nails for you. 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Virgo
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Virgo

INTJ Architect 

#Where There’s A Will There’s A Way 

Nail Habit: The bird fights its way out of the egg. An INTJ, referred to as an architect, questions everything in life. Accustomed to do things their own way, INTJs come up with inventive solutions to hardships they face. Likewise, INTJs already have meticulously planned their own manicure recipe tailored to their own needs. But as every coin has two sides, such a thorough attitude towards tasks render them most likely personality type to expect the worst - Even when you don't need to! It's never too much(to prepare), but sometimes it's better to let things go with the flow and enjoy the moment.  

VANITY TABLE says: If superfluous preparation(whether mental or physical) is a way to relax INTJ, then we've got something ready for you INTJs- ohora Nail Care Line. ohora gel nail strip is made from real gel polish from base to top, but for extra gloss and protection, you can always stroke a few drops of ohora Pro Glossy Top Gel on top of it. Moreover, ohora Easypeel remover will smoothly remove the adhesive to ensure the strip comes off softly without leaving damage to your nail bed. For your extra perfect gel nail recipe, check out ohora Nail Care Line! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Black Dahlia
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Black Dahlia

INTP Logician 


Nail Habit: Calling an INTP a genius would be the biggest praise an INTP will ever wish for. Referred to as a logician, INTP is a rare personality type consisting of 3% of the population. While Bill Gates and Albert Einstein are known as INTPs, they tend to pursue uniqueness, and prefer versatile styling to hint their brilliant unconventional minds. At the same time, however, because INTPs are very open to process new information that they hardly make any decision to commit at all. INTPs may have figured out gorgeous nail styling ideas and added dozens of items in their cart, but they keep their naked nails involuntarily simply because they never complete their check out process!

VANITY TABLE says: What you need is a leap of faith. Put aside your doubts for a while now, and just check out with your current decision with items in your cart right now. Sometimes it is a one time action that creates more repercussion than a hundred times of thinking. Who knows where it will lead us? Still having doubts? VANITY TABLE's got the whole set ready for you in just a single box, so don't worry. We offer a free gel lamp for our subscribers, and enclosed to a box of ohora you get 30 nail strips, wood stick, alcohol prep pad and nail file as well. If today wasn't your day, then come back next week for our weekly design updates. Stay tuned, and take your leap! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Jade
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Jade

ISFJ Defender 

#You Can Count On Me 

Nail Habit: Congratulations! An ISFJ and a 'defender' you share a personality type with Queen Elizabeth the 2nd! Known as a meticulous perfectionist, one can always rely on an ISFJ to get the job done on time. No matter how short notice, you can count on an ISFJ to show up to the party with a perfect fully set makeover to the level of a professional stylist. The only downside to ISFJs is that they tend to take things too personally. Unlike strong outlook ISFJs tend to overload themselves and can be harsh on themselves. An imperfect nail can really bug them, especially if it was a DIY. But everyone needs a learning curve, and it's important to know that you don't have to be perfect to be fabulous.  

VANITY TABLE says: Everyone needs a learning curve. If this is not the case, then your DIY nail needs a tactical advantage to minimize your curve and get you ready for any TPOs you need. ohora, a 15 minute gel nail formula with affordable price, and over 200 nail designs by professional nail techs are ready for you! Keep your stock updated, and summon them as your secret styling item, you'll be ready for any occasion in no time! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Marble Stone 
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Marble Stone 

ISFP Adventurer 

#Don’t Box Me In 

Nail Habit: As an adventurer, ISFP yearn to live present to the fullest. Worst case scenario for an ISFP is to remain in the box, while they can shift between multiple personas to do things their own way. Just like this, you're more likely to prefer custom designs or DIY than ready-made press-ons, and find it valuable to ensure you've got rooms to wriggle. Unfortunately, ISFPs can be very vulnerable to 3rd party opinions and be easily stressed, leaving them on an emotional rollercoaster on and on

VANITY TABLE says: Today you are you, and that is truer than true. You are the best version of you when you make the choice that helps you feel most fulfilled. As a TPO ready real gel nail strip, ohora will be your sidekick to refresh your mood. Take a look at our uniquely designed items to help you shine at any moment you wish. 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Gallery
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Gallery

ISTJ Logistician 

#I Believe What I See 

Nail Habit: If you're an ISTJ, you share a personality type with George Washington. ISTJ consist about 13% of the population, and is considered to be the most abundant personality type. With a rational outlook on life, ISTJs do great with tasks with orders. A talented ISTJ may do the most efficient and accomplished, by the book DIY nail like a nail tech. But they are difficult to be swayed, and won't budge until they can witness reviews to verify the products when new nail products or designs are released.  

VANITY TABLE says: Painting gel polishes yourself has no harm, but how about explore your options for a little bit? ohora is made with the belief that we should all be able to enjoy quality nails without time and space. Already a multi-million seller in South Korea, VANITY TABLE carries ohora designs as an officially licensed store. Check out our 1K reviews HERE and let our customers speak for us! The decision, of course, is yours! 

Recommended Item For You >>> N Sangria
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Sangria

ISTP Virtuoso 

#Favorite Toy: Lego 

Nail Habit: Constantly on the move, ISTP seeks exploration in life. Especially ISTPs enjoy experiencing everything first-handedly by touching and examining. Armed with natural curiosity, they do not bother trials and errors. Whatever goes wrong with your DIY nail, ISTPs may find the process of solving the trouble more interesting than remaining frustrated with the failure. ISTPs prefer having their attention switched from projects to projects, and may prefer to come up with different nail designs whenever they feel like they're ready to move on.  

VANITY TABLE says: Think of ohora strips as lego pieces - Solid, gradient, gems, nacre and much more, you can create your own combination. Ohora nail is not only easy to apply, but leaves marginal damage compared to regular gel polishes, allowing you to try out all the designs you'd like for your next project!  

Recommended Item For You >>> N Doodle
Recommended Item For You >>>
N Doodle



N Teal

N Tweed Jacket - VANITY TABLE
N Tweed Jacket - VANITY TABLE
N Tweed Jacket - VANITY TABLE
N Tweed Jacket - VANITY TABLE
N Tweed Jacket - VANITY TABLE
N Tweed Jacket - VANITY TABLE
N Tweed Jacket - VANITY TABLE

N Tweed Jacket

N Cream Maple - VANITY TABLE
N Cream Maple - VANITY TABLE
N Cream Maple - VANITY TABLE
N Cream Maple - VANITY TABLE
N Cream Maple - VANITY TABLE
N Cream Maple - VANITY TABLE
N Cream Maple - VANITY TABLE

N Cream Maple



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