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Cleaning brushes is a chore we all dread. However, with YURICA's Perfect Brush Cleaner, it's no longer a problem! YURICA's Perfect Brush Cleaner will not only wash away makeup build-up on your brushes but also dry it.

Easy to use:
Simply put your brush into the spinner and turn it on. The brush cleaner will have it washed in a few seconds! The powerful spinning of the cleaner will effectively remove residue from your brush bristles. Once you are done washing your brushes, spin it to dry it. In a matter of 30 times, your brushes will become brand new and ready for use.

Goodbye cakey Makeup!
This effective and efficient brush cleaner will help you apply your makeup smoothly.

Say No to Germs!
No need to leave your makeup brushes wet after cleaning! Use
YURICA's Perfect Brush Cleaner to clean and dry your brushes more hygienically. 

1. Remove the oil of eyebrows with cotton pads or cotton buds.

2. Put a right stencil kit that fits over your brows and draw it evenly.

3. After done with drawing, please leave it an hour to dry on average; if you want your brows darker, dry it about two hours.

4. 11 holders included in order to fit all kinds of brush size.

5. Easy to use.

1. Choose a brush holder that fits your brush, and put your brush into the round hole.

2. Connect the brush with the brush holder

3. Pour YURICA perfect brush cleanser inside the container and dilute the cleanser with lukewarm water.

* Caution
In order to maximize the cleansing capacity, please use lukewarm water 39.2°F-95°F (4°C-35°C).
Hot water (over 65°C) (over 149°F / including hot water from water purifier) can hinder the cleansing capacity or deform the product.
Therefore, please avoid using hot water.

* Recommended quantity of usage
How much should I use?
1) small brush (for lip & eye): 180ml of lukewarm water + 30ml of cleanser
2) big brush (blush & foundation): 300ml of lukewarm water + 50ml of cleanser

4. Shake the cleanser up and down to wash the brush completely

5. Rinse your brush thoroughly with clean water

6. Place your brush into the cleansing container and remove the moisture
(Please dry the brush inside the cleansing container in order to avoid water splashing)



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Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer
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