N Premium Jewelry No.2

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Premium gem nail which was inspired by silk blouses. Gold gems and lines were used to present simple yet luxurious nails. 

TYPE: Gel Nail Strips

WHAT IS ohora?

ohora offers semi-cure gel nails made of real liquid gel but only cured by 60% in advance to be flexible and wearable for all nail shapes and sizes.  Upon curing the remaining 40%, the gel will completely harden and last as if they were done by a professional nail salon.


  • 30 Strips (16 solid & 14 accents) in 10 different sizes
  • 2 Prep Pads & 1 Nail File & 1 Wooden Stick 


  • Waterproof Wear that Lasts up to 14 Days
  • Stretchable & Flexible to Fit All Sizes
  • Easy Application & Removal
  • Cruelty-free & Toxin-free
N Premium Jewelry No.2

01. Clean any oil and moisture on your nail

Wash your hands and use the prep pad to make sure your nails are clean and dry.

02 Pick the size

Choose the semicured gel that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.

03 Apply semicured gel

Apply the semicured gel slightly apart from the cuticle line.

04 Trimming (Filing)

Use the nail file to file the leftover semicured gel.

05 Curing

It is recommended to cure 2-3 times under the ohora UV Gel Lamp - if the nails are not hard enough, cure an additional 2-3 times.
*Please note that overcuring may cause early chipping and cracking.  

How to remove​

Minimize nail damage by repeatedly wetting the enclosed wood stick with a remover. Push the stick gently from the edges to the cuticle.

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Lizzy J.
United States United States
love the design

I love the design and get compliments all the time

United States United States
Beautiful, Easy to Use

This was my first time applying Ohora nails. I watched a few Youtube tutorials and read the directions on the packaging. I spent a little more time than the average person because I wanted to optimize my nails and make them last as long as possible. My process was: 1) Push back cuticles, scrape off excess keratin, and wash hands. Dry fingernails thoroughly. 2) Use prep pad to clean and prepare nails. 3) Eyeball each nail sticker for fit (I sized down if I was between sizes) and apply to nail. Press firmly along edges and smooth out the sticker. 4) Use nail scissors to trim off excess as close to the nail edge as possible. 5) Cure 3 times until hard. 6) Use nail file to file down and smooth the edges. 7) Apply top coat first to the edge of the nail, then to the sticker/nail bed itself (to seal the edges). Cure the top coat 3 times. These nails are breathtakingly beautiful and they look as if I had paid for a very expensive manicure at the salon. I've received so many compliments on them! They are smooth, sturdy, and hard, yet I don't notice them getting in the way while I'm doing my day-to-day tasks. I highly recommend the top coat because it made the nails shinier, thicker, and stronger. I definitely felt a difference between curing only the sticker vs. curing the sticker with the top coat. If you apply the top coat and make sure to include some of the bare nail bed, it will seal any gap between the sticker and the nail, preventing any hair or other product from getting stuck in between and lifting the sticker. The only thing I would note (contrary to the top coat instructions) is not to apply top coat over the gem itself, because the hardened top coat ended up "rounding" out the shape of the prism/rectangular gem. Also, the box makes it appears though these nails have a light pink hue to them, but they are actually completely beige/neutral. Still beautiful and otherwise, everything was perfect. I will leave an updated post after a week or two to comment on the longevity of the product.

VANITY TABLE N Premium Jewelry No.2 ReviewVANITY TABLE N Premium Jewelry No.2 ReviewVANITY TABLE N Premium Jewelry No.2 ReviewVANITY TABLE N Premium Jewelry No.2 ReviewVANITY TABLE N Premium Jewelry No.2 Review
Meghan B.
Bel Air, Maryland, United States

Love these nail gels!! So easy to apply, looks better than going to the nail salon and lasts as long. Received so many compliments and removing them is just as easy and no nail damage!

New York, New York, United States
Issues with adhesion

I have used other ohora products but for some reason these nails have really poor adhesion. I do it the same way I do for other nails (alcohol wipe prep) and cure them 3-4 times, yet some of them will completely pop off within a couple hours (not chipping, but completely falling off). So I have worn these for less than 12 hours, and have had to replace them so many times I basically need to remove them all because I ran out of extras. Avoid


Dear Customer, Sorry for your disappointment in our products. We suggest you to watch How to Use & Remove on this ink : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCYNtvGF6iQ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Please also refer to the How to Use page on our website :https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCYJSSMFbTM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Sincerely, VANITY TABLE Customer Support Team

Jessica W.
Lynden, Washington, United States
Love these nails

I’m so happy I discovered these gel nail strips! They are cheaper than getting my nails done, and last just as long. I can take them off myself and they have very minimal to no nail damage compared to getting them painted on. All around a better option, saving me time. If one chips I had plenty of extras and could repair it that night within minutes on my time. Lots of compliments. Love love love

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