How To Use A Gel Lamp

ohora semicure nail

ohora semicure nail is designed for easy removal and perfect application .
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How To Use

STEP 01. Connecting a gel lamp

Connect the provided micro USB cable to a gel lamp, and to any USB outlet.

* TIP: Any electronic devices having a USB outlet is compatible with a provided USB cable.

STEP 02. Turning on a gel lamp

Shortly pressing the button will set the power on for 45 secs.
If you want longer timed session, pressing button longer will turn on the gel lamp for 60 secs. 

To turn off, press the power button once more, otherwise the power will be automatically turned off 
when the time is up.

STEP 03. Curing

Cure the semicured gel with ohora gel lamp at least 1 ~ 3 times

Once the strips are completely cured, the semicure gels will get hardened and last long with a high gloss.

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