P Boulder


Pedicure completed with a harmonious blend of colors.

A design that catches the eye with its unique pattern reminiscent of well-worn pebbles. A pedicure design that can be worn for all seasons, added with a matte finish to the harmonious blend of six different colors. @nail_0408

P Boulder

01. Clean any oil and moisture on your nail

Wash your hands and use the prep pad to make sure your nails are clean and dry.

02 Pick the size

Choose the semicured gel that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.

03 Apply semicured gel

Apply the semicured gel slightly apart from the cuticle line.

04 Trimming (Filing)

Use the nail file to file the leftover semicured gel.

05 Curing

It is recommended to cure 1~3 times for the ohora UV lamp.

How to remove​

Minimize nail damage by repeatedly wetting the enclosed wood stick with a remover. Push the stick gently from the edges to the cuticle.

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