Neck and Line


Have you ever, just looked into the mirror one day, and be shocked at suddenly noticeable neck wrinkles? or started to worry about your smile line?

Anti-Aging Improvement:
Even when you've got an exhaustive skincare routine, bad postures throughout the day may still cause those horizontal creases on your neck. Where your wrinkles are formed narrow but deep - like your smile lines and necklines, - it's even more important to pay extra attention as they may lose elasticity quicker!

Simple, but Great Results for Skin Elasticity:
YURICA Neck and Line is a peel-off mask you can draw yourself to fit your lines. This way you can take extra spot care of your lines with intensive anti-aging agents to get rid of your wrinkles! Infused with botanical ingredients excellent for skin firming and anti-aging, Neck and Line helps reduce the appearance of horizontal lines by improving skin elasticity. 

Take salon-quality care at your home with YURICA Neck and Line. Apply once every night, and say goodbye to your lines!

Neck and Line

1. An easy to use, peel-off pack
2. Fit to use on diverse types of lines including narrow and deep ones for intensive nourishment
3. Improves skin elasticity and nourish skin with excellent botanical extract with anti-aging effect

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