Ringer Pen


How many lashes have went down the drain when you remove your eye makeup lately? Have your lashes been weighing down amidst humid summer day?

Voluminous Eye Makeup:
We all know to our heart- the finishing touch to your makeup is voluminous lashes! If you want your lashes stronger and fuller, meet YURICA's Lash & Brow Pen!

Botanical Ingredients:
Infused with concentrated botanical ingredients and SymPeptide protein, YURICA Lash & Brow pen will nourish and boost the length and thickness of eyelashes.

Lash to Brow - All in One:
Swipe on the nutritive agent between the lashes and brows with an enclosed two-way brush applicator, and enjoy a perfectly beautiful eye makeup with long-lasting, perfectly curled lashes all day!

Ringer Pen

1. Sym Peptide protein as a nutritive agent boost thickness and length of lashes
2. Hyper-concentrated botanical ingredients to nourish lashes with only a small amount
3. Double-way applicator helps effortless, thorough application between lashes

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