Offering the widest and best selection of trendy yet wearable seasonal nails,
FINGER SUIT is your stylist & go-to guide, helping you complete your own unique look.


FINGER SUIT asks the question, ‘Why should nails be pushed aside as being other than beauty & fashion?’ FINGER SUIT believes that nails are the epitome of fashion, as it can express individual style, moods, and thoughts in a visual way - ultimately providing the means for free and empowered self-expression.

As a brand that melds the nail, beauty, and fashion industries in its products, values, and style, [FINGER SUIT offers a new paradigm of self-expression].

press-on nails

Trendsetter of nails - FINGER SUIT's design team is constantly researching the latest nail trends to bring the most trendy and fashionable nails in the market for every collection.

Easy & comfortable for all - FINGER SUIT press-on nails are accessible and easy-to-use for all - no matter the occasion or lifestyle. We offer an innovative solution to the time & monetary constraints of getting your nails done. Get stylish on-the-go!


40 Pieces in 16 Different Sizes

Created with exclusive technology, FINGER SUIT press-on nails are thin and flexible to fit all nail shapes.

Each set contains 40 pieces in 16 different sizes.

Natural Curve Design

Each FINGER SUIT press-on nail is naturally curved to make them look like your natural nails. The never-before-seen coffin shape will enhance the look of your hands.

Premium Nail Care Line

FINGER SUIT Easy-Off Remover Kit - The remover is formulated to minimize nail damage, so that you can easily remove any type of nail product with a moist finish.

FINGER SUIT Base Coat - The base coat is formulated to create a protective layer for your nails, so you can enjoy press-ons without nail damage.

FINGER SUIT Cuticle Oil Pusher - The Oil Pusher Pen offers an easy and effective way of cleaning your cuticles.

Let our customers speak for us


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These FINGER SUIT nails fit my nail beds perfectly, and this set is just SO AESTHETIC. They are the best quality press-on nails I've ever tried.
Julia, U.S.


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Just look at this glitter
The glitter is better quality than any other press-ons I've tried. Trust me the beauty of it CANNOT be captured in photos. I'm obsessed!!
Grace, U.S.


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Instagrammable hands in few minutes!
First off, I would love to mention that the shades are STUNNING. You can transform your regular hand into an Instagrammable hand in few minutes! I cannot stop taking pictures of my hands after applying FINGER SUIT!
Hailey, U.S.
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