We've always believed that our customers should wear the finest nails.​
After years of practice, we now introduce a new product that changes the entire nail care culture: Semicure gel nails.


Now you can enjoy​ the same high-quality gel nails as nail shops​ without the constraints of time and space.​

Tested & proven gel nail strips, incomparable in quality.

About Semicure Nail

Semicure nails are a whole new type of gel nails. Made of real liquid gel but only cured by 60%, nails that are flexible and wearable for all nail shapes.

Upon curing the remaining 40% with a UV lamp, the gel will completely harden like salon quality gel nails.

Why ohora?

For All Nail Shapes & Sizes

ohora semicure nails are designed to be stretched to fit all nail sizes.

Each set contains 30 pieces in 15 different sizes, and can be used more than once.

ohora’s semicure gel is unique in its c-curved design, which allows the strips to reach the edges of the nail beds to provide the strongest adhesion.

Triple Layer Gel

The ohora semicure nail is layered with three different gels : The base gel, color gel and top gel.

The base gel is applied at the very bottom of the strip protecting your nails from damage. With the luminous color gel, the ohora nails will keep your hands stylish at all times.

Last but not least, The top gel on top of the color gel preserves stunning designs like gems and glitters with perfection for up to 14 days.

Safe Ingredients

ohora products have not been tested on animals and does not contain any animal products or animal derived ingredients.

ohora cares for your well-being, and one of its long-term goal is to present safe beauty to its customers. All ingredients are certified, and all products have been tested to be trusted.

Let our customers speak for us

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4 Weeks of Wear - Love - Buying again
These were my first attempt at Ohora Nails and I loved them so much. They lasted a solid 4 weeks and would have lasted longer but it was time for a nail trim and style change. I've now bought several pairs of nails for my fingers and toes and may never go back to the nail salon again!
Virginia, United States
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The best ones I've tried
This design lasted over two weeks for me and looked fantastic from start to finish. I just had to reorder more!
Yuki, United States
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Love it!
This was my 2nd set of Ohora nails and they've lasted a good 2 weeks (and counting). I work with my hands all day so I'm super satisfied with how long they've lasted. My trick is to double cure them, add a top coat, then double cure again. I'll be purchasing more in the future. :)
Maridette, United
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