Style up
your vanity table
with K-beauty

We deliver K-beauty’s trends, yet high-quality products which satisfy the needs of beauty lovers at VANITY TABLE. We have kept looking for K-beauty brands that have been emerging and trending in Korea, but have not actually entered the global K-beauty market for our future customers.

At VANITY TABLE, our purpose is to give you a better solution for your perfect beauty. We hope that all beauty lovers should use cosmetic products that are made with thoughtful designs which not only protect your skins, but also make you more beautiful.  


We give you value,
not just a mere product 

The existing brands, ohora and YURICA at VANITY TABLE, were selected because they suit our mission with keeping their own trends and high-quality products that fully meet customers’ demands.

The brands we chose just don’t give you a mere product, but will give you value. We will strive continue to provide you products that are worth to use in near future. Because we care and think of our clients in the first place. 

We offer you the finest curation for Korean Beauty products.

Meet a New K-beauty

As introducing K-beauty’s new trending brands at VANITY TABLE, we hope that all customers love more about K-beauty than before through what we’ve prepared for and will make sure they do.  

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