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#Easy #Unique #Lovely

YURICA is here for you to perfect your makeup routine!

With our ultimate Beauty Booster, we provide simple yet effective solutions to your daily life.

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#Easy #Unique #Lovely

Value clean & hygienic beauty: we help keep your make-up tools clean & save your skin from breaking out

Saves time for you: with our long-lasting, effective formulas & tools will save your effort and time

Keep the best look & skin: our powerful fixing products, you can keep your overall look in the best condition

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Cleansing Water Sheet

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I really like this product. It's great at getting all of my makeup off - yes, even the eye makeup! - without any weird residue left over. It also doesn't make my skin break out, so that's really nice. I don't often try new skincare because my skin is so sensitive, but this was well worth it.
HB, United States

Tattoo Pen

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I was unsure about buying this product, but it's definitely worth to purchase. I am all thumbs whenever I draw my brows every morning, but after using this which includes a stencil kit, this helps me a lot to draw much easier and faster. Love it!
Ailish, United States

Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit

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I wash my makeup tools regularly because my skin type is quite sensitive, and I had so much trouble keeping the brushes smooth after drying:( The cleanser really smooths out the bristles, I love it!
MJ, South Korea
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