How to Remove ohora Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

Removing ohora semi-cured gel nail strips is easy. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be nail-free in no time! Although we do recommend that you use ohora Pro Easy Peel Remover to remove our strips for minimal damage, a regular remover will get the job done- not as damage-free as when using the Pro Easy Peel Remover, but it'll do the trick.

How to Remove ohora Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

STEP 01. Remove Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

Fully soak the flat side of the wooden stick with the remover.

Gently push in the wooden stick from the corner of the nail to create a gap.

Take your time to slowly peel off the strip from your nail.

STEP 02. Remove the Adhesive Residue

Soak cotton pad with remover and rub on nail to remove adhesive residue.

Voilà! You're done!

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