ohora Custom Gemstone

Custom gemstone to mix and match with your favorite gel strips.
 Apply the gemstone of your choice and enjoy your own nail design!

How to apply ohora Custom Gemstone

Apply ohora semi-cured gel nail strips. 

Cure the semi-cured gel nail strips after applying. 

Apply the ohora Custom Gemstone

Remove the gemstone from the strip. Then apply the gemstone to a placement of your choice. 

*Note that ohora Custom Gemstones can be used on any ohora gel nail strips (except for the ones that already have gemstones). Customize your own nail designs! 

Apply Top Gel 

Apply an even coat of top gel over the gemstone and over your semi-cured gel nail strips to secure the nail and gemstones together. 

Cure your nails 

Using the VANITY TABLE Gel Lamp, cure your nails again. 

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