ohora Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip

ohora's triple-layered and semi-cured gel nail strip is a definite game changer for the nail care industry! With the base, color, and top gel cured at just 60%, the strips are flexible and therefore, can easily be stretched and shaped to fit your nail shape and size. Upon curing the remaining 40%, you'll find yourself in awe of these gorgeous salon-quality gel nails that you've done in the comfort of your home.

Key Features

For All Nail Shapes & Sizes

Stretch the strips to fit your nail shapes and sizes!

Optimal Adhesion

Enjoy our unique c-curved strips designed in the shape of our natural nails- optimal for long lasting strips!

Safe Ingredients

Trust and use our safety certified and clinically tested products!

Triple-layered Strip

Triple-layered with the base, color, and top gel, your strip got quality!

How to Apply ohora Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

STEP 01. Clean Nail Surface

Wash your hands before removing oil and moisture from the nail surface with the prep pad.

*Please note that for optimal adhesion, it’s important to clean your nails of possible sweat, moisture, oil, and hand cream.

STEP 02. Choose Your Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip Size

Choose the size that best fits your nail size. You can stretch the semi-cured gel nail strip to fit your nail.

*Please refer to ‘Tips by ohora Crew’ at the bottom of the page for tips on how to stretch the strip.

STEP 03. Apply Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip

Peel off the strip by grabbing the outer tip of the strip (not the inner tip labeled ‘Cuticle Line’). Be sure to place the strip slightly apart from your cuticle line.

*Please make sure that the strip is applied in the correct direction. The side of the strip labeled ‘Cuticle Line’ should be placed along your cuticle line.

STEP 04. Firmly Press Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip

Begin applying pressure in the direction from the cuticle line to the outer tip, leaving no space for hair to get caught between the nail surface and strip.

STEP 05. File Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip

File the outer tip of the strip.

STEP 06.  Cure Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips

Cure your strips 2-3 times with ohora’s UV Gel Lamp. If you feel the strips require additional curing, do so 2-3 more times.

*Please note that overcuring the strips may result in early chipping and cracking.

Tips for Applying ohora Gem Strips

STEP 01. Apply Protection Strip

Apply the protection strip before the gem strip.

*Please note that the protection strip does not necessarily have to perfectly fit your nails.

STEP 02. Firmly Press On the Gem Strip

Make sure to press down on the gem from all sides. Remember, the key to strong adhesion is allowing no air bubbles between the strip and your nail.

STEP 03. Firmly Press On the Gem Strip with a Wooden Stick

Use the wooden stick to press down on the edges of the gem strip. Press it all you’ve got. You don’t want gems falling off any time soon.

STEP 04. Cure the Gem Strip from All Angles

Cure your strips 2-3 times with ohora’s UV Gel Lamp. If you feel the strips require additional curing, do so 2-3 more times.

Tips by ohora Crew

★ TIP 01. How to Stretch a Strip to Fit Your Size

If you can’t find a strip that best fits your nail size, choose a strip that is slightly smaller than your nail and gently stretch it to fit your nail.

*Please note that your nail surface must be cleaned and dried with the prep pad before applying the strip.

★ TIP 02. How to File Strip

Roughly eye how much longer the strip is compared to your nail. Use a nail clipper to cut off an adequate chunk of the strip before placing it onto your nail. This step will make your filing process easier.

*Please file in one direction to get the best results.

 Tips for Trimming Your Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip

1) Rip it off with finger

2) Scratch it on the table

3) Cut it with a nail clipper

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