Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit
Cleaning makeup brushes is a chore we all dread. However, with YURICA Perfect Brush Cleaner, it will no longer be a problem! YURICA Perfect Brush Cleaner will not only clean makeup build-up on your brushes but will also dry it.YURICA Makeup Brush...
Tattoo Pen
Tattoo Pen
Farewell to the days of drawing yours brows every morning or worrying about having them smudged. YURICA tattoo pen will lock in your eyebrows for a whole week. Long Lasting:Our Tattoo pen defines your brows naturally and beautifully. It will...
Face Shield
Did you ever wish for your makeup to stay flawless all day? Well, Yurica Face Shield is here to the rescue! Long Lasting: Our long-lasting makeup setting spray will lock in your makeup perfectly, even against hot and humid weather. Our ultra-fine...
Cleansing Water Sheet
With a single wipe, YURICA Perfect Cleansing Water Sheet allows pre-moistened facial cleansing. Simply remove all makeups before going to bed with a Perfect Cleansing Water Sheet! It presents a moist finish to you as if you wore a facial sheet...
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