ohora Pro Glossy Top Gel

ohora Pro Glossy Top gel adds a natural shine on your nails and keeps them last longer.

Key Features

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High Gloss Finish

Long-lasting high gloss finish

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Perfect Volume

Thick volume covering the curve of nail surface 

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Easy Control

The finest brush helping beginners easily apply 

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Zero Heating

Minimizing heat on nail surface while curing 

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Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gel

Easy non-wipe type not to be wiped off after curing

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Safe Ingredients

Including non- hazardous ingredients only without fluorescent whitening

The optimal viscosity of glossy top gel
makes it smooth and easy to apply for beginners
without clumping or running down.

Enjoy our glossy top gel with the finest Duponts 220 2.5 mils brush that helps easy applying without any surface imperfection. 

How to Use

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STEP 01. Applying on nails

Apply ohora top gel over the completely cured semi-cured gel nail strip.

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STEP 02. Curing multiple times

Cure the gel nails 2-3 times with the ohora UV lamp - if the nails are not hard enough, cure an additional 2-3 times. 

* ohora glossy top gel doesn’t need to be wiped off after curing. 
** Please note that overcuring may cause early chipping and cracking.

Tips for Applying

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STEP 01. Basic Rounded-Shaped Gems

Apply top gel around the gems ONLY.
When the top gel covers the surface of gems, the shine of gems disappears.

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STEP 02. Rectangle-Shaped Gems

Apply top gel on the rectangle-shaped gems which makes it last longer.

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STEP 03. Pearl Gems

Apply top gel overall the pearl gems.
The subtle gloss of pearl lasts longer with our glossy top gel.


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