ohora Pro Loose Skin Remover

ohora Pro Loose Skin Remover is a push-type unibody applicator that safely removes dead and peeling skin off nails.

Key Features

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Optimal Shape  

Optimized push-type form that is effective in removing dead skin cells with minimal irritation  

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A push-type unibody applicator that doesn’t require additional tools 

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Gentle Removal  

Gently breaks down built up dead skin cells without damaging the nails 

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Nail Conditioning  

Nourishes and moisturizes the nails and cuticle with keratin, collagen, and eight-layer hyaluronic acid  

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Easy Control 

C-curve push-type tip that can be used easily and safely even by beginners  

Developed as a curved push-type blade of the perfect thickness for comfortable and stable use - It helps to remove loose and dead skin without damaging the cuticle and nail surface.  

The ohora Loose Skin Remover comprises of collagen, keratin, eight-layer hyaluronic acid, and ingredients that are effective in removing dead and peeling skin.
It nourishes the cuticle and nails, breaking down the built-up dead skin on the nail’s surface with no damage.    

How to Use

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STEP 01. Apply the remover 

Apply and spread the remover along the cuticle line, using the inner curve of the applicator.   

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STEP 02. Push off dead skin 

5-10 sec. after applying the remover, gently push off dead and peeling skin with the push-type applicator.    

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STEP 03. Remove gently

1)  Apply the loose skin remover to the edge of your nail, and gently push the edge of semi-cured gel nail strip with a woodstick. 


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