ohora Pro Nail Primer

Pro Nail Primer

The ohora Pro Nail Primer creates a thin protective layer over the nails, minimizing damage when removing the semicure gel.  

Why use a primer?

Nails are made up of keratin ‘scales’, and a lack of moisture and nutrients causes the keratin to lift and weaken over time. Once the weakened nail is irritated, the keratin will chip off causing damage to the nails.   

If your nails are weak, adding a thin and transparent protective layer before applying the semicure gel is recommended.
The primer will protect your nails from damage that may occur when removing the semicure gel.  

Key Features

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Protective Film 

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The thin protective layer minimizes possible damage from semicure gel removal   

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Nail Conditioning  

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The Lactobacillus ferment and vitamin complex nourishes the nails   

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Long Lasting  

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Helps the semicure gel to stick   

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Easy to Control   

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High-quality brush that doesn’t leave stroke marks, and is easily usable even by beginners  


The ohora Pro Nail Primer acts as a protective layer by creating a thin and transparent film on top of the nails. It helps the semicure gel to stick and minimizes damage that may occur during removal. 


The Lactobacillus ferment and vitamin complex nourishes weakened nails for strengthening care. 

Comprising of 220 high-quality 2.5mils micro-bristle from Dupont (U.S.), the brush displays excellent application that leaves no stroke marks, easily usable even by beginners.  


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STEP 01. Apply   

Remove excess oil and moisture on the nails with the prep pad and apply 1 coat of the primer only on the center of your nail.
*Do not put excessive amount of the primer as it could cause the semicure gel nail to fall off more easily.

When the primer is completely dried, apply the semicure gel and cure.
*Do not wipe nails with the prep pad after applying the primer. 

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STEP 02. Remove   

Remove the semicure gel using the ohora Wood Stick and ohora Easy Peel Remover. 

Wipe the remaining primer and base semicure gel with a remover and finish.  

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