ohora Pro Nail Strengthener 

ohora Pro Nail Strengthener repairs your weak, brittle nails and strengthens them in no time.

Key Features

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Strengthens nails with polycrystalline diamond powder 

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Natural-Mineral Base

Nourishes and improves the texture of nails with natural mineral ingredients including Silica

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Vitamin Complex

Metabolizing protein with vitamin complex nourishes and strengthens the nails

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Healthy Look

Makes nails look healthy and vibrant with a natural glossy pink tint

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Easy Control

High-quality bristles allow easy application for beginners

Polycrystalline Diamond Powder

ohora Pro Nail Strengthener gives your nails an even higher gloss and strength with its Polycrystalline diamond powder of excellent quality- incomparable to the common diamond powder.

Silica, a special vitamin complex and natural mineral ingredient, naturally nourishes and cares for your weakened nails.

Beginners can easily apply without any surface imperfection with Dupont’s 220 2.5-mils Micro-bristle brush.

How to Use ohora Pro Nail Strengthener

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STEP 01. Apply Nail Strengthener

Apply 1-2 coats to bare nails.

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STEP 02. Naturally Dry or Cure Nail Strengthener

Naturally dry or cure your nails with a gel lamp.

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STEP 03. Repeat STEP 01 and 02

Apply the nail strengthener every other day for a week.

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STEP 04. Remove Nail Strengthener

After a week, remove the coats of nail strengthener with a remover and repeat the process (STEP 01 to 03).

ohora Pro Care Routine

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