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YURICA Perfect Brush Cleaner  >

YURICA Perfect Brush Cleanser  >

Clean brushes apply makeup magically better

"I own more than a dozen brushes because I’m really into the makeup game - foundation, shadow, blush etc. I mostly didn’t bother about washing them because I had so much trouble cleaning dirty brushes before.

However, things have completely changed since I met YURICA’s brush cleanser. The whole process-cleaning to drying- is now done in minutes! What’s better? Clean brushes help me apply my makeup better!

YURICA’s brush cleanser goes best with its best friend- brush cleaner. All ingredients are safe and it makes bristles soft and smooth. I’d say that this is a must have item, especially because our skin is exposed to air pollutants all the time. " 
- Rina Son (Ji-Hye Son), Seoul  

YURICA Face Shield  >

When you need your makeup to stay in place all day

"This is my third bottle of Face Shield. I have oily skin so my makeup never lasts long. However, thanks to Face Shield, my makeup looks flawless all day long. It was my life savior last summer. I sweated all day, but my makeup was perfectly locked in! I’m almost addicted to its effects and cannot leave the house without it. Try it yourself! You won’t have to worry about having to touch up on your makeup!"
- Vanessa Jun (Jae-Hyeon Jun), Busan 

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YURICA Hair Shield  >

Hair volume all day? No problem!

"My secret recipe for keeping a perfect hair volume all day is YURICA Hair shield. How? It's easy; spray the product where you want to give volume - and it's done! Also, the formula is very brushable, so you can comb through your hair to make it smooth and natural. Lastly, it smells as good as they are effective! Its white musk scent makes my day!
Nowadays, YURICA hair shied has become my daily ritual!" - Jinny Chun (Hyo-Jin Chun),Busan 

YURICA Tattoo Pen  >

Day7 since I've drawn my brows with YURICA Tattoo Pen,
and it still stays strong without any slight touch-ups!

"Before using this eyebrow pen, it was such a hassle to draw my brows every morning, and it never turned out as I expected. This is why I decided to try out this product, and I'm so into its smudge-free, waterproof formula! It's very easy to apply, especially when you use the brow stencil kit that comes along with it. I cleanse my face every day, and my brows have stayed flawless for an entire week! It saved my time at least 10 mins every morning! I recommend it so much!" - Jena Lee (Ko-Eun Lee), Seoul 

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