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        Heart drawing nails that present a fun, lovely & warm mood. This design goes well with any look due to the combination of deep purple-brown and green.

        TYPE: Press-on
        SHAPE: Coffin


        • 40 Press-on Nails
        • 2 Prep Pads & 1 Nail File & 1 Wooden Stick
        • Instruction Manual

        *We have provided a new version of the prep pad, Prep Pad Plus (+) in the shipping box for better adhesion. Make sure to prep your nails with Prep Pad Plus before application.

          STEP 1. Wipe nails
          Wipe nails with the prep pad to ensure your nails are clean and dry for better adhesion.

          STEP 2. Remove protective film
          Remove the protective film and press down the nail tip in the correct direction.

          Pro Tips.
          · When you are in between sizes, using a smaller size is recommended.
          · Using a bigger size could affect the longevity of the adhesion. How to remove​ : Applying a few drops of remover on the sides before removal will minimize nail damage.

          Do not force the nails off as it may cause nail damage.

          More Details : FINGER SUIT How to & Tips
          • Extra Pieces in Various Sizes

          • Glue-free with No Dry Time!

          • Natural & Comfortable Wear

          • Instant Application

          • Cruelty-free & Toxin-free

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