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Neon Tint Set

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Tint syrup nail for perfect coloring. ohora's basic item that will help you easily and beautifully apply tint syrup colors that are basic nails but difficult to apply evenly. 

1. N Tint Cherry
The clear and lively red color makes you feel excited. 

2. N Tint Orange
The tint color that brings up the fresh juice of oranges brightens your hands. 

3. N Tint Tree
It's a refreshing green tint color that looks like it contains a fresh landscape. 

4. N Tint Valley
It is an attractive product with a mysterious color that seems to be mixed with green and blue.

5. N Tint Pool
It is a bright blue syrup that reminds you of the sea, and it is an unrivaled color that can only be found in ohora.

6. N Tint Soda
It expresses the clear and high summer sky with a refreshing color that catches the eyes. 

7. N Tint Glass
It's a tint that goes well with any season with a blue ink-like color. 

8. N Tint Pop
It's a purple tint color that gives you a special feeling just by attaching it.

9. N Tint High teen
It's a tint color that you must try in the summer season with a bright neon pink that reminds you of the days of high teen that didn't even exist.


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STEP 01. Clean Nail Surface
Wash your hands before removing oil and moisture from the nail surface with the prep pad.

STEP 02. Choose Your Semi-cured Gel Nail Strip Size
Choose the size that best fits your nail size. You can stretch the semi-cured gel nail strip to fit your nail.

STEP 03. Apply Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips
Peel off the strip by grabbing the outer tip of the strip (not the inner tip labeled ‘Cuticle Line’). Be sure to place the strip slightly apart from your cuticle line.

STEP 04. Firmly Press Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips
Begin applying pressure in the direction from the cuticle line to the outer tip, leaving no space for hair to get caught between the nail surface and strip.

STEP 05. File Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips
File the outer tip of the strip.
* Please note that overcuring may cause early chipping and cracking.

STEP 06. Cure Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips
Cure your strips 2-3 times with ohora’s UV Gel Lamp. If you feel the strips require additional curing, do so 2-3 more times.

More Details : ohora How to & Tips
• Waterproof strips that last up to 14 days

• Stretchable strips for all nail shapes & sizes

• C-curved strips designed in the shape of our natural nail beds

• Easy application & minimal damage to nails during removal

• Toxin-free & safety certified strips

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Neon Tint Set
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