Nourishing Nail Oil (1ea)


The Nourishing Nail Oil cares for dry and weak nails and cuticles by providing deep, lasting moisture.

The combination of highly cohesive gel-enhanced moisture evaporation blocking ingredients and nutrient-rich vegetable-based oil strongly fixes and holds moisture on the cuticles and nail surfaces to help keep them moisturized and healthy for a prolonged period.

*Please use on bare nails, as the vegetable-based oil and can reduce the adhesion of semicure gels.

**Please note that if the oil is not absorbed fully, it may get on fabric and clothes – please make sure the product is fully absorbed to prevent fiber stains.  

WHAT IS ohora?

ohora offers semi-cure gel nails made of real liquid gel but only cured by 60% in advance to be flexible and wearable for all nail shapes and sizes.  Upon curing the remaining 40%, the gel will completely harden and last as if they were done by a professional nail salon.

Nourishing Nail Oil (1ea)

1. Contains 37% premium Moroccan argan oil and vegetable-based oil that helps to keep nails healthy by providing nutrition and moisture to rough and dry surfaces
2. Its high-density texture allows the oil to adhere with a silky finish without any stickiness, making it convenient to use daily  
3. The brush-integrated tube container makes application to the nails and cuticles easy
4. It is convenient to carry, as the automatic lock is engaged when closed to prevent the nail oil from leaking

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