N Heart Bomb

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A combination of blue colors to create the heart french nail. The lovable heart line is drawn in to complete the heart french nail. The cool blue colors combined with bright glitters and silver line to create a luxurious design. 

N Heart Bomb

01. Clean any oil and moisture on your nail

Wash your hands and use the prep pad to make sure your nails are clean and dry.

02 Pick the size

Choose the semicured gel that fits your nail size and remove the clear film.

03 Apply semicured gel

Apply the semicured gel slightly apart from the cuticle line.

04 Trimming (Filing)

Use the nail file to file the leftover semicured gel.

05 Curing

It is recommended to cure 1~3 times for the ohora UV lamp.

How to remove​

Minimize nail damage by repeatedly wetting the enclosed wood stick with a remover. Push the stick gently from the edges to the cuticle.

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Heather F.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Always a great purchase

I love this stuff. I would buy so much more if it was easy to purchase. It always comes out gorgeous and looks like I went to the salon.

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Very cute and cheaper than going to the nail salon!

I was a bit skeptical to order these based on the mixed reviews I saw. I was scared they were going to chip/scratch up, not stick, and the UV lamp wasn't going to work. I also read someone said the directions didn't come in english which was false, the booklet that comes with your order comes in Korean and in English to know how to apply them...unless Ohora changed it recently (Sorry if that's the case). Anyways, I'm having a great experience with them so far. It's been 2 days since I applied the gel nail stickers and I haven't gotten any scratches or chips! They're pretty sturdy based on all the work I've done the past two days at work moving fixtures/ shelving then to washing dishes at home. On a side note, a couple of my nails have been catching strands of my hair but I think that's because when I applied them I got a bit close to the cuticle and I didn't want to pull it off after I applied it. I also noticed that some of the stickers don't fit my nails fully. It was a bit difficult to find the right size because most of them were way too small. I have more of a round awkward nail bed I guess thats why. Honestly, my nails grow weird because I'm a past nail biter (which was up until I was 23) so I guess permeant damage has been done.. Overall, I do like them and I can't wait to see how long they hold up in the next 12 days. That will determine if I want to continue ordering these and skipping the nail salon all together!

VANITY TABLE N Heart Bomb ReviewVANITY TABLE N Heart Bomb Review
Stephanie S.
Columbus, Ohio, United States

Correction to my recent review: the photos got swapped on submission. The outdoor photos are immediately after application, the indoor photos are on day 7.

Stephanie S.
Columbus, Ohio, United States
in love

These nails are AMAZING. I was using dip for a long time because gel nails from the salon never lasted more than a couple days, and at home nail polish never lasted more than a couple hours without chipping. After taking the dip off, my nails were destroyed. Enter Ohora. These gel nails look fantastic and protect my nails without damaging them. There are enough nail sizes that I can fit each nail well. I will recommend NOT curing the nails. After curing it made them very hard and prone to cracking and chipping, lasting only a couple days before one would chip and I would have to replace it. The uncured nails last me between 1 and 2 weeks and are easier to remove without having any issues with them peeling up. I tried Manime, which laser-cuts the gels to fit your nail, but I like Ohora better. The gel is thicker and it sticks better/lasts longer. The first two photos are immediately after application, and the second two are on day 7 (and still going strong). When the ends start to get a little worn, I just file them down a little. I am now a customer for life and am soooo happy I tried them.

VANITY TABLE N Heart Bomb ReviewVANITY TABLE N Heart Bomb ReviewVANITY TABLE N Heart Bomb ReviewVANITY TABLE N Heart Bomb Review
Jina O.
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States

I am so obsessed with this set and also these stickers in general. This was my first time using the Ohora gel system and I was blown away by the quality of all the products. I have had these nails on for 11 days on with no lifting. This is a great alternative to nail polish because there are absolutely no chips or damage to the tip of the nails. I especially like this design because the portion that is closest to the cuticle is clear so it is less obvious when your nail grows out. The glitter design is so so sparkly and opaque. When I reorder, I will probably stock up on 2 of this design.

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