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TITAD Olive Body Bar Soap

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TITAD Olive Body Bar Soap is the Multi-use bar soap formulated with clean & nutrient-rich natural ingredients leaves the skin moisturized and soft. By gently cleansing your body, you can exfoliate the skin and prevent you from unwanted roughness and uneven texture of your skin.

    1. Moist finish after cleansing
    With the nutritious olive oil and natural glycerin, your body will be moisturized after wash.

    2. Zero-plastic product
    Eco-friendly product that is completely vegan and plastic-free. Unlike the liquid body washes, TITAD Body Bar is paraben and antiseptic free.

    3. EWG Green Graded ingredients
    All our ingredients are plant-based and EWG Verified, so it can be safely used for people with sensitive skin and even kids.

    4. Natural Coloring
    Basil seeds and spinach were used for coloring of the TITAD Olive Body Bar.

    Coconut oil, Sodium Hydroxide, purified water, avocado oil, olive oil (70,000ppm), jojoba oil, grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil, hemp oil, centella Asiatic extract, cedrus atlantica wood oil, spinach powder, basil seeds

    TITAD Olive Body Bar Soap
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