Head and Clean


The struggle is over! If you've got a mysterious hair grease situation going on - the hair becomes oily every afternoon but is so dry during winter - then it's time to take care of your scalp!

Simple Cleansing for A Healthy Scalp:
A simple way to be free of the itchy and smelly scalp is to cleanse out extra sebum and residues that clog the pores on your scalp!

Natural Extracts:
YURICA Head and Clean is designed to spray directly on your scalp to clean pore-clogging dandruff, dead skins, and improve scalp health. Infused with cooling menthol and natural extracts, the soothing formula also helps relieve the appearance of hair loss by keeping your scalp cool.

If you'd like to keep your cool-Start now with YURICA Head and Clean!

Head and Clean

1. Helps restore balance and improve scalp health for oily or dry hair
2. Relieves appearance of hair loss with scalp cooling effect
3. Suitable for sensitive scalp with its selected 10 different natural extracts along with cooling and exfoliating agent.
4. Designed to apply directly on scalp to provide maximum nourishment to your scalp

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