Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer


Cleaning brushes is a chore we all dread. However, with YURICA's Perfect Brush Cleaner, it's no longer a problem! YURICA's Perfect Brush Cleaner will not only wash away makeup build-up on your brushes but also dry it.

Easy to use:
Simply put your brush into the spinner and turn it on. The brush cleaner will have it washed in a few seconds! The powerful spinning of the cleaner will effectively remove residue from your brush bristles. Once you are done washing your brushes, spin it to dry it. In a matter of 30 times, your brushes will become brand new and ready for use.

Goodbye cakey Makeup!
This effective and efficient brush cleaner will help you apply your makeup smoothly.

Say No to Germs!
No need to leave your makeup brushes wet after cleaning! Use
YURICA's Perfect Brush Cleaner to clean and dry your brushes more hygienically. 

Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer

"  A one-click brush cleaning kit that 
        will clean your brush like it's new.  " 

What makes YURICA Perfect
Brush Cleaner & Dryer so special?


Deep & thorough brush cleansing

An automatic 360° rotating brush cleaning kit will deep-cleanse
your brush inside and out.


Fast Drying

Drying your brushes is as important as cleaning them.
The powerful spinner will dry your brush instantly.


Quick & Simple use

It takes too long!

It takes only a minute with a single-click!

The automatic Clean & Dry
Dual-function will have your brushes cleansed & dried in less than a minute. 


11 Brush holders of all sizes

The kit comes with 11 different brush holders that are suitable for
all brush sizes - from thick foundation brushes to slim eyeliner brushes.


Suitable for all brush types

YURICA brush cleanser goes with both natural & synthetic hair brushes.
The powerful cleanser will effectively remove the makeup residue from your brush bristles.


Highly effective cleanser

The brush will be deep-cleansed
with only a small amount of highly-concentrated cleanser. 


Cleansing & Conditioning

Oat Kernel extracts of the cleanser will keep your brush bristles soft and silky.


EWG green grade certified cleanser

EWG Green Grade Ingredients

The cleanser is made of EWG green grade certified ingredients
so that you can use clean brushes daily.

1. Clean & dry - Dual function in one .
2. Wash your brush completely and thoroughly - even on the inside a bristle.
3. With the quick dry effect, you can use your brush immediately after the cleansing.
4. 11 holders included in order to fit all kinds of brush size.
5. Easy to use 

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